Reel Action Light Tackle Sportfishing

Reel Action is a comfortable, custom built center console boat.

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    Your private party of one to two anglers can enjoy both offshore and inshore fishing with easy-to-use light tackle for the advantage of more strikes Kona Hawaii blue marlinand action. Spin, fly fish, bottom fish, live bait or troll for tuna, billfish, mahimahi, wahoo, snapper, trevally and shark.

    For the thrill seeker, try world-class fly fishing for giant tuna, marlin, skipjack or spearfish. Many potential world records are wide open for these species.

    All equipment furnished, bait and ice included. No fishing license is required.

    Offshore and inshore light tackle saltwater fishing, including fly fishing is our specialty!

    Come join us for some fun and excitement aboard Reel Action with Capt. Del Dykes.


For more information, write, call or fax:

Light Tackle Sportfishing Capt. Del Dykes
P.O. Box 5619
Kailua-Kona, HI 96745
Phone/Fax: (808) 325-6811