Kona Hawaii big game fish

wahoo (Ono) Caught off the Kona Kona Hawaii onocoast year around. Found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas. The ono is one of the fastest of fish, said to reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The ono is usually caught in 40 to 60 fathoms of water, trolling some type of "jet" lure. Fun to catch, great to eat.

tuna There are many different types of tuna caught off the Kona coast. The yellowfin tuna (ahi), Kona Hawaii tunathe tuna of choice for sportfishermen, grows to more than 250 pounds. The average yellowfin caught off the Kona coast is 150 pounds. Skipjack tuna (aku) are the smallest of the Kona tunas. They grow to about 35 pounds, average size around 10 pounds. The albacore, big eye and bluefin tuna are caught primarily by commercial fishermen at night during the spring and summer months, although occasionally they are caught by sportfishermen fishing at night or near one of the Kona Fish Aggregation Devices (FAD).

shark Kona waters are inhabited by many species of sharks. The Kona Hawaii sharkmako shark is the shark of choice for the big game enthusiast. Kona's largest mako to date weighed in at 1,207 pounds. In addition to the mako, the Kona fleet also catches tiger sharks up to 1,250 pounds, hammerhead sharks over 500 pounds, thresher sharks over 500 pounds, white tip sharks over 200 pounds and an occasional blue shark over 200 pounds.

amberjackKona Hawaii amberjack (Kahala) Caught year around off the Kona coast. Found in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Frequent offshore reefs, wrecks and buoys. 155 pounds is the world record, average size caught off Kona is 75 pounds. Can be caught with live bait, dead bait, deep jigging or with lures trolled slowly.

barracuda Caught year around off the Kona coast. Inhabit Kona Hawaii barracudathe Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Found near reefs, wrecks, buoys and occasionally in open waters. The world record is 84 pounds. Average size caught off Kona is 30 pounds. Can be caught on shiny trolled lures, dead or live baits and by plug casting.

trevally Kona Hawaiigiant trevally (Ulua) Caught year around off the Kona coast. The ulua is normally caught from the shoreline; however, it can be caught from a boat by plug casting, deep jigging, drifting baits or slowly trolled lures close to shore. These fish reach weights well over 100 pounds.

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