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pacific blue marlin The blue marlin is the ultimate challenge in big game fishing. Kona holds the official all-tackle world record at 1,376 pounds. Kona Hawaii blue marlinKona boats also hold the men's 30 pound and 50 pound class world records, as well as the women's 30 and 80 pound class world records. Kona is the only place in the world where blue marlin are caught daily, all year long. Kona has also produced more blue marlin over 1,000 pounds than any other game fishing destination in the world.

black marlin Caught occasionally off theblack marlin Kona Hawaii Kona coast, normally in the winter months. They grow to approximately the same size as the blue marlin. World record is 1,560 pounds. Kona is the only place in the world where both blue and black marlin over 1,000 pounds have been caught by sportfishermen.

striped marlin Caught year around off the Kona coast. The striped marlin is much smaller than its cousins, the blue and black marlin. striped marlin Kona HawaiiThe average size of striped marlin in Kona is less than 120 pounds. These fish travel in groups of three to ten fish, and at times will strike all of the lures in a pattern. This is extremely exciting to experience three or four marlin performing behind your boat.

shortbill spearfish Caught year around off the Kona coast. Kona is one of the few areas that the acrobatic spearfish Kona Hawaiispearfish is consistently caught. Anglers trying to catch every billfish that swims eventually come to Kona to catch the spearfish. Virtually all of the light tackle and fly fishing records for spearfish have been caught off the Kona coast. The average weight of the spearfish caught off Kona is 40 pounds.

broadbill swordfishKona Hawaii broadbill swordfish Caught occasionally off the Kona coast in the spring and summer months and usually at night. The broadbill grows to more than 1,000 pounds; however most of the broadbill caught or tagged and released off the Kona coast average 250 pounds.

Kona Hawaii Pacific sailfishpacific sailfish Caught occasionally off the Kona coast, primarily in the summer months. These exciting acrobatic fish are fun to catch. The average weight of sailfish in Kona is under 100 pounds. The existing world record is 221 pounds.

mahimahi (dorado) Caught year around off the Kona coast. Found worldwide in tropical mahimahi Kona Hawaiiand warm temperate seas. The mahimahi is pelagic, schooling and migratory. This is one of the most colorful fish in the ocean, displaying bright blue, green and yellows. They are very acrobatic when hooked. They are exciting fish to catch and great to eat . World record is 87 pounds, average weight in Kona is 20 to 25 pounds.

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